happy weekend


Admittedly, as a stay-at-home mom, most days seem the same, but just to make myself feel better I’ve decided to celebrate the fact that it’s Saturday.

For this wild and crazy celebration I thought I’d share the “best of the week”…. (If you don’t care about all that, promise me ((REALLY, PROMISE ME)) you will scroll to the bottom and watch the 18 minute video.)

First up, Most Pinned Post of the Week:
Sharpie Cups


Has anyone else tried these?  Jeanne made these as party favors for her daughters’ birthday last spring, and ours are still going strong.  I’m wondering if this would work with mason jars?? Can they withstand the heat?

Next up, Most Read Post of the Week:
Homemade Nutella

untitled (1 of 1)-10

Organic hazelnuts aren’t the most budget friendly food item out there, but as a special treat from time to time… YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS! My pint sized mason jar lasted less than 24 hours, and I’m itching to make it again.

Favorite Post from the WWW:
Even Closer to Fine from Momastery

via www.momastery.com
via www.momastery.com

And finally, the most important part of this post!  This video from Robyn O’Brien that you I’m begging you to watch.

She gives an incredible 18 minutes TedX talk on what exactly GMO foods are, and how they are destroying the American food supply and subsequently, our health.  Please watch it and send to your friends and family! Sorry the formatting is off… I tried to fix it, but had no luck.

Check our her website HERE, or you can also follow her on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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