happy weekend!


I don’t know about you but … what a week!

With grey skies, threats of snow, battling colds and earaches, bone broths, crackers, laundry (why can’t I keep up with the laundry?), dishes, ballet (for Jeanne’s little), soccer (for Abby’s), lessons … life …

It was a week filled with life.

To quote an ancient Sanskrit poem:

Look well to this day for it is life …

the very life of life!

In its brief course lie all the realitites and truths of existence…

the joy of growth!

the splendor of action!

the glory of power!

For yesterday is but a memory,

and tomorrow is only a vision

But today, well lived,

makes every yesterday a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.

So with that in mind … here’s our weekly round up:

Our most pinned post of the week… homemade almond nutella


Most read post of the week…the kindergarten quandary.  (Thank you, everyone, for the incredibly thoughtful responses for which we were humbled and appreciative!)

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A must read … from Northern Mum about why forward facing baby carriers might not be a great idea.


(I watched this and cried … we are so lucky … we had one and used it a LOT with our first and I am thankful every day that this didn’t happen to her little hips.)

PS, I have a gently used Ergo Baby Carrier that we are going to GIVEAWAY!  Check on Monday for the ins and outs for your chance to take home a great carrier (including infant insert … if I can find it in storage 🙂 that made all the difference in the world … for me and our little guy 🙂

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