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With the greenhouse in full swing, I thought it’d be fun to share what’s growing. It’s a lot of green right now, but it means food is coming!
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First up, a chinese green that I don’t know the technical name for.  I bought the starts from a local organic farm and have no idea how they taste.  I’m assuming they will be delicious, but if not I can always throw them in a smoothie! untitled (1 of 1)-36 Tomatoes.  These flourish in the greenhouse, and we plant several. They might not look like much now, but in a few months they should be 6 feet tall producing more tomatoes than we know what to do with.  There is a ton of caprese, tomato sauce and fresh salsa in our future.

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Cabbage.  After getting into fermenting more this year, all I can say is those aphids better steer clear. They were pretty fond of our cabbage in the past, but I’m releasing a few thousand lady bugs next week to try and prevent that!

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Peppers. These and cucumbers are the main veggies my kids will always snack on, so we like to grow tons! untitled (1 of 1)-25

Kale.  This plant is so easy to grow and is perfect for smoothies, kale ships, with a roasted beet salad or this spicy sesame salad.

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Lettuce.  To me, these are as pretty as most flowers, and with my family’s recent discovery of Jeanne’s ranch dressing, we will go through this lettuce quickly!
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Snap peas.  These plants will also grow several feet, and are the perfect snack while outside.  We pull them straight off the vine and they are sweet and crunchy.
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Strawberries.  These come back every year, but have been a disappointment the last few summers.  Like I’ve said… I am not expert gardener and not quite sure what we’re doing wrong.  They look great as of right now, and I’m hoping for a big bounty this year.

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Basil.  My boys love basil, and we use it a lot in the summer.  It’s another one of those things that we end up having more than we know what to do with… needless to say, there will be lots of fresh pesto soon.
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Blueberries!  My kids inhale these… like nothing I’ve ever seen.untitled (1 of 1)-27

Bok choy.  John makes a mean stir fry, and these will come in handy!untitled (1 of 1)-26

Carrots.  Another thing we love to munch on while working outside.  I add the carrot tops to smoothies, too.untitled (1 of 1)-28Rasberries… AKA my worst nightmare.  Although they grow so easy and produce a tasty berry, they are very weed-like and spread like crazy.  Which might sound good if they weren’t trying to take over the greenhouse.  We’ve transplanted them outside now, but they are still relentless!untitled (1 of 1)-32Asparagus.  I’m as confused as you are.  Looks like a bad hair day to me.We also have a cucumbers, sweet potatoes, corn, beets and more herbs growing so far but I forgot to snap pics.What about you?  Growing any food this summer?

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  1. I am only doing a small garden box since we don’t have much room right now, but I did get squash, zucchini, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, and various herbs(rosemary, basil, tarragon, dill) . Not sure how well this will go since I have a black thumb but I am confident I will have plenty of rosemary which seems impossible to kill.

    1. sounds like you have some GREAT things growing in your garden!!! sometimes, all it takes is a little gardening to turn a black thumb green 🙂 Good luck!

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