ginger bug bummer

Remember how I told you I was making a ginger bug because we wanted to find a way to make some natural “soda” for a summer treat?



The bug worked.

It was fizzy.

And flavorful.

And “alive.”

For a little while, at least.

But then my first attempt at soda was (mango) …

Ummm …

I think the only way to describe it is …


So gross.

So then I tried again.

With watermelon.


But not as gross as the mango.

And then we went away for a week and I didn’t feed the ginger bug and didn’t ask our house-sitter to feed the ginger bug.

So it died.

dead ginger bug

And then today I saw this on Holistic Squid …


Dang Holistic Squid (I love her … and she doesn’t know I exist!) …

And we’re going strawberry picking on Saturday at Rocky Creek Farm (which we’ve done for a few years now and it’s so much fun to watch the kiddos scampering through fields of strawberries scavenging for fruit, learning to love the land, and appreciate the gift of nature.

But I’m back to square one …

… hoping I can get this bug going again before the strawberries arrive!

last year’s haul … and I’m hearing this year is a bumper crop!

Wish me luck!



Where do you go for pick-it-yourself?  Include a link in your comment and let’s give a shout-out to the farmers who are giving us this amazing experience!!


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