gearing up to grow food

Abby here…

This year will be our fourth year growing food.  One thing I know for sure… gardening is hard work! It’s fun and rewarding too, but it takes a ton of time and effort.

At the very end of last summer, David started walking which made working in the greenhouse so much easier.  This summer, both my boys will be at perfect ages for spending tons of time out there… can’t wait!


Although we’ve managed to grow a decent amount of food, there is so much to learn.  In fact, every year I realize I know way less about organic gardening than I did the year before.

We’ve got to figure out how the heck to check the pH balance of our dirt, and then what to do with that information.

We’ve got to figure out how to keep the aphids away.

We’ve got to get a compost bin going.

Within the next few weeks we’ve got to get some tomato seeds under some grow lights.

And most of all… we need a plan!  The past few years we have just sort of flown by the seat of our pants… throwing tomatoes here, carrots seeds there, squeezing onions starts anywhere can.

This space has so much potential. Even though this picture just looks like a bunch of green… there’s tomatoes, onions, tons of herbs, peppers and lemons growing in the picture below.



So I look forward to this year.  We’re gearing up earlier than normal, thumbing through a bunch of organic gardening books and coming up with a plan.

This is sort of where we had things planted last year.  We grew a lot more than whats listed on the page, but these are the things that will be in the same spot next year.  And yes, thanks to auto correct… I now know its tomato not tomatoe.



Speaking of tomatoes, doesn’t that bowl just look like the perfect start to some homemade salsa a1000-2

So what about you guys?  Do you grow food?  I’d love some inspiration!

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