freezing liquids in glass jars – learn from my mistakes.

Abby here..

I’ve mentioned before that I really love glass mason jars.  I use them for storing dry goods like quinoa and spices, but also for frozen things like bone broth and tomato sauce.

So last week I made 4 large batches of bone broth (2 chicken and 2 beef).  I love loading up on this stuff so it’s always handy for soups such as this or this.

I’ve used pint and quart size jars for freezing for quite some time with no problems whatsoever. So you can imagine how frustrated I was when I pulled out 3 frozen quarts of beef broth that looked like this.

untitled (1 of 1)-10 Lesson learned.  When I first started freezing in glass, I knew the only size jars marked “freezer safe” were wide mouth pint sized ones.
untitled (1 of 1)-26 While freezing in larger sizes is obviously easier and might sometimes work (it has for me), after loosing so much good broth I thought it’s just not worth it

For the remainder of my broth I decided not to risk it.  I went and bought 2 cases (around $10 a piece) of pint size jars, and then went about my usual freezing method.

I put my liquid into the jars, and place the flat lids over the top (without screwing them on).

untitled (1 of 1)-29

Put them in the freezer like this till they are frozen and then go back and screw the lids on.  This allows the liquid to have plenty of room to expand!

So why go to all the trouble of freezing in glass?  Well, as Jeanne mentioned this morning, we are always working towards reducing our exposure to harmful chemical in plastic such as BPA and PVC.  Here is a quick read on how even plastics labeled BPA-free may be leaching harmful chemicals into your food.

So while freezing in glass might seem complicated at first, once you get the hang of it you won’t think twice!

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