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Ever wonder what other real food foodies are eating on an average day?

Me, too.

So I kept a diary this week and thought I’d share some of the foods we’ve eaten this week:

egg taco


  • breakfast: egg tacos for everyone.
  • snack:  kombucha, apples and avocado
  • lunch: noodles with KerryGold butter, apples, raw milk cheddar cheese
  • snack:  yogurt and raw local honey
  • dinner:  chicken & rice curry

untitled (1 of 1)-27




  • breakfast:  sourdough toast with KerryGold butter, poached eggs and a banana
  • snack: kombucha for all.  An apple for the girls and a banana for the little guy
  • lunch:  kombucha, coconut almond butter and blueberry preserves on homemade sourdough and apples.
  • snack: yogurt and grade B maple syrup
  • dinner: Grilled bison burgers with avocado and raw cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli, fermented pickles and pickles and pickles (the littles ate mostly pickles)


  • breakfast:  kombucha, egg tacos … again … I’m seeing a rut and I need to mix this up
  • snack: yogurt and local raw honey
  • lunch:  The Cowboy took his favorite little girl to a special lunch at Meze Market.  She had hummus and pita.  He had a Gyro Bowl and they shared a spanikopita.  The little guy and I had our own date and shared a veggie burrito (scrambled egg, raw milk cheddar, soaked black beans, red pepper and organic corn in a flour tortilla)
  • snack: fresh apricots and a green smoothie
  • dinner: The Cowboy made short ribs from the recipe out of John Besh’s My Family Table cookbook.  Wow.  Polenta.  Sauteed spinach.


  • breakfast:  poached eggs over leftover polenta with a little smoked paprika and sea salt

day in the life

The thing about keeping a food diary is that it’s a reminder of things we’re doing right and where we need more work.

I was shocked at how few green veggies we ate this week.  (Glad to know that the kale is finally growing so we can get back into the habit of kale in our smoothies).  But happy to see the probiotics that are making it into our daily diet in the form of kombucha and yogurt and kefir and, of course, pickles.  And so bored by the egg taco … I need to spend more time thinking about breakfast.

What are you eating these days?



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