I understand that if you don’t garden and haven’t been through the frustration of keeping plants alive while trying to keep the bugs from eating them up first…. you won’t understand how big of a deal it is to me that I FINALLY got cabbage!

I’ve heard of others growing it easily, but it took me three years to figure it out.

So you can imagine my excitement last night when I was able to harvest almost everything I needed for a big thing of coleslaw.  The only thing I didn’t grow was the apple I added in (and we actually have an apple tree, but they’re still growing).
20130728-214913.jpg Do you ever look at the produce in your grocery cart and wonder how long ago it was harvested?  Sometimes produce (even organic, sadly) is harvested way before it’s ready to offer plenty of time for shipping across the country or world. Another reason local is better, and nothing more “local” than your own back yard.

The peppers are also a huge deal to me, as this is the first year we’ve had an abundance from plants that we started from seeds.  The cabbage was huge, and it took everything in me to not ferment the whole thing.


I’ve posted my coleslaw recipe HERE, except for now I prefer to chop by hand over using the food processor to guarantee it has lots of crunch.

20130728-214928.jpg I’ll leave you with this… because we do a whole lot more around here than just garden.


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