feliz cinco de mayo

Neither of us are Mexican.

But Abby’s from Texas.

Jeanne lived in Southern California for 17 years.

And we both just LOVE Mexican food.

For breakfast.




And we’re thankful that our families like Mexican food as much as we do, because otherwise mealtime might be less fun.

So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we decided to share some of our favorite Mexican-like recipes.  Some we’ve made more nourishing … some, we sorry to say (but not really sorry) we just make the way we make because that’s just how we like it.

egg taco Image-42 a1000 taco seasoning





And really … this is just the tip of the ice berg.  Wait ’til Jeanne shares her tres leches cake recipe … or when Abby decides to start making her own sprouted grain tortillas.  We’ve got chili rellenos to share.  And Mexican inspired quiches.

But we want to know:  what Mexican dishes do YOU love … and how can we help you make them better for you?  Let us in on your faves and we’ll start working on a nourishing version and then share the secret.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


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