diary of a friendship …

A few months before Abby and I met, the Cowboy was away on a job.  I was a few months pregnant, and the Little Girl and I were looking for ways to keep ourselves occupied as the long cold Montana winter was winding down.  So when we heard about a “Dinosaur Egg Hunt” at the Museum of the Rockies, we decided we just had to go.  So we bundled up, packed our basket and headed out.

DSCN1244 But we weren’t the only ones with dinosaur eggs on the brain …

DSCN1259 You see that little guy eyeing our girl?  He looks familiar, doesn’t he?

Yeah … I thought so, too.

I’d like to remind you this was about FOUR MONTHS before they met.

DSCN2095 This was just a few days AFTER they met.

And as one thing often leads to another …

DSCN1693 …we weren’t surprised to see them on a drive through the fairgrounds…

DSCN2306 … and then race through town.  (That’s E’s gorgeous nugget of a cousin, who ran with them … a 1k through downtown Bozeman.  It was a very impressive run for a bunch of 2 1/2 year-olds.) …

IMG_1966  which must have made them very hungry …


and very curious.

The thing is … I had an Elijah once.  His name is Beau.  We met when we were about two years old, I think.  And he remembers the Easy Bake Oven that rocked my world (actually, he reminded me after reading that blog post that he got a burn from the very hot lightbulb on that Easy Bake Oven … good thing his parents weren’t litigious folk!)

Anyway … Beau and I don’t speak very often, but when we do, it’s as if no time has passed. I celebrate his successes in life (like the day he married Traci … the love of  his life, with whom he has two beautiful boys!), and I ache when he’s sad.  I know he feels the same for me.

And I look at our littles and know that they will carry the love they have for each other until the end of time … and I just think it’s good to have that kind of love in your heart.



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