debbie downer talks about cell phones

Abby here…

It’s Saturday and while I suppose that aught to mean a light-hearted post… I have other things on my mind.

Please read this

…… Done reading?

Feels good to get that off my chest.  Dr. Mercola is much smarter than I will ever be so I thought he should do the talking.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you have heard about the dangers of cell phone use, particularly brain cancer and brain damage.  I know it may be tempting to brush this topic off  because cell phones are so convenient, but this is serious stuff.

I really want to plead of behalf of the little ones.  Even though the iphones and ipads (etc) are terribly convenient for entertaining (and even educating) our kids, it’s just not worth it.   Research has shown that children’s brains absorb up to 50% more radiation than adults.  There are studies linking cell phones to cancer, brain damage, ADHD, sleep disorders, depression and more.  As adults we can make our own decisions based on our own knowledge, but young children don’t know (or need to know) these things.  It is our job as parents to protect them.

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