cloth diapers for the uncertain

Abby here..

It took me a solid year of spending a lot of cash on disposable diapers before I jumped on the cloth bandwagon. My biggest hesitation was that it would just be gross.  And I was right.. it is.  But no grosser than changing disposable.  Poo is poo… no matter what kind of diaper you use.

So why cloth now? Well, it saves me a heck-of-a-lotta money and trash.  The disposable diapers I purchase (David wears them at night) are Seventh Generation chlorine free and they aren’t cheap. With raising food prices all diapers are getting more expensive.  Also, with babies going through an average of 2,000 diapers a year… I like knowing we are reusing ours.

I started out buying a few to see if I liked them.  I wasn’t immediately sold, because they seemed inconvenient and bulky (which we now lovingly refer to as Duck Butt). The biggest problem was that the diapers required their own load in the wash, and it just didn’t make sense to use up a whole load just for 3 diapers.

So I put out the cash and ended up with 12 diapers, a wet bag for storing dirty ones and a diaper sprayer (which I rarely use).   I have heard people talking about loving cloth and referring to them as fun.  To me that is a stretch, because this is still changing diapers we are talking about.  But I will say that I think they can pretty darn cute.

I have bought all my diapers from Cotton Babies.  They always have good sales, free shipping and fantastic customer service.  But I would check Craigslist first as I have seen some great deals there.

All 12 of my diapers are bumGenius, but I have 3 different kinds.  All of their one size diapers fit kids weighing 7-35 pounds.  On newborns they definitely seem big, but they still do the job.  I chose snap closures for mine, but they also have velcro.

For small babies they snap like this…

And then they eventually grow into this…

These are what I have:

bumGenius 4.0 
I will start with my least favorite.  These are a stay-dry pocket diaper which means you stuff an insert into a liner everytime.  You also take the insert out before washing.  I think if this were all I had I wouldn’t mind, but my others are all-in-ones and that seems to just make things a little easier.

bumGenius Elemental All-In-One
These diapers were just a few dollars more, but totally worth it. They are all one piece, but they are not stay-dry. As long as you change the diapers regularly (as with any diaper) we have never had any problems with rashes or anything.  I also love that these are made with organic cotton.

bumGenious Freetime
I would probably call these my favorite.  They are all one piece and also stay dry.  There are 2 “inserts” that are connected. I thought the name “free time” seemed a bit extreme, but I will say… they are usually the first ones I grab.  If I were starting over, I would buy all this kind.

Between washes I store them in a PlanetWise wet bag.  These things are great! They keep the wet and smell in.  I just hang it over the doorknob in the bathroom.  As far as a diaper sprayer, people swear by them.  Personally, I find them inconvenient as they sort of get water everywhere.  Who knows… maybe I am just doing it wrong, but I generally just prefer to wipe the poo off with some toilet paper.  TMI?  Ohh, and I wash them with BioKleen Free and Clear Liquid when they all are soiled… generally every 2 days.

If you buy brand new you are looking at around a $250 dollar investment.  I know that seems like ALOT, but trust me… you will spend that in no time with disposables, and you can use your cloth ones with multiple kids!

So… there you have it.  Everything you did (or didn’t) want to know about how I use cloth diapers.  What about you?  Do you use cloth?  Have a brand you love?  Or do you prefer to just go disposable?

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