Christmas craft FAIL

Abby here… I’ve admitted before that I am, in fact, not very crafty with my kids.

I am generally okay with my un-craftiness until I run across something cute on Pinterest and think, “THIS CAN”T BE ROCKET SCIENCE ABBY.”

So there were 2 Christmas crafts I had “pinned” that I really wanted to do with my kids.  Both required the same materials (canvas, paint and body parts)
so I thought I could pull it off.

I should have known.

So, the first thing I wanted to attempt was these footprint reindeer originally found here.

Seems easy enough.  Any one could pull of this simple craft, right?


Apparently I was mistaken to think both my kids feet could look cute on a 9 X 12 canvas.  Turns out I would need one triple the size to pull of something like what is pictured above.  I went through 3 canvas’s on Elijah’s feet before I had it right (thankfully I bought a 6 pack for $6). After we conquered a decent footprint for him, I moved on to my 15 month old thinking that would be the easy part.  Again.  Wrong.  Here’s were we ended up.

Yea.  So, while I will probably keep those little messed up footprints, because well, I love those sets of feet… I decided to nix that craft.

Next up was this inspired by this pin.

I’m not crazy about everything in the picture above, but I wanted to make a slightly less cheesy version of this to give to my parents.  They love sentimental things, and I thought it would be fun with the kids handprints.

I figured hands would be easier than feet, so this would be a no-brainer.


This is about as far as we got.

So sorry Mom, you won’t be unwrapping this Christmas morning.

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