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And the winner of our well-loved Ergo Standard Baby Carrier is …


Congratulations, Lindsey!  Please email us your mailing address so we can send you your Ergo!

happy weekend 3I don’t know what happened to Fall, but it seems to have slipped out of the calendar this year.  Because just like THAT, it’s Winter here in Montana.

Which means we have to worry about snowsuits, snowshoes, hats and catching up to all those running noses … probably why our most PINNED and SHARED posts this week were …

6 natural ways to fight the flu


6 MORE natural ways to fight the flu

But our most read?  Our most read post was Abby’s first heartfelt story in her series …


And one of our favorite (okay … it’s just the one that made us cry) post we read on the WWW this week is from Rage Against the Minivan … What I Want You to Know About Birth Mothers

what i want you to know

And then, of course, there’s the recipe by another blogger that we just can’t wait to attempt:  Nanaimo Bars … until we read Jody’s post we had no idea these even existed!

Jody (the incredible real food blogger from our home town of Bozeman) describes it this way: “It’s a dessert bar of Canadian oigin, consisting of a chocolate coconut cookie crumb crust, and vanilla custard filling, topped with a chocolate ganache. It really is…heaven in a bar.”

Ummmm … YES PLEASE!!!!  Count us in.

nanaimo1Hope you all have a wonderful weekend …

By the way, if you’ve got recipes you think we should try … add ’em to the comments of today’s post and we’ll post a little “contest” on Facebook.  We’ll make the one with the most likes and feature it right here!


Jeanne & Abby

gently used ergo baby carrier GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!  Thanks for playing!! 

And CONGRATULATIONS for winning …

Lindsey Miller!!

Maybe you saw the link we posted from Northern Mum on Saturday about why front-facing baby carriers may not be a great idea …


Which got me thinking … I have this great Ergo Standard Baby Carrier.

41tD6dK6fTL._SY355_ I love this carrier.

From the moment our little guy was big enough to fit, we were freed up to go just about anywhere.


I should have more pictures of these experiences but I can’t find any … seriously.  He started out on my chest with an infant insert, moved out of the insert and stayed face-forward, then got big enough that he liked life better on my back.  It was a full 20 months of awesome.

And I’m so thankful for the Ergo.  For real.

Because  this was me and our little girl (before I knew better) …

DSC01314(I love this picture because I love the adventures that little girl and I went on and I love those memories … but now I cringe when I see it … knowing now what I wish I knew then.)

So now that the little guy is too big for the Ergo, I realize that it’s still got a TON of life left in it … and if you’ve been using a front-facing carrier (or know someone who is) and want to make the switch.  Maybe this is for you … and a chance to give it a try for FREE!

So we’re giving away our well-loved Ergo (sorry no infant insert … I was reminded that I already gave it away).

a Rafflecopter giveaway



This is NOT a sponsored post.  We just love the Ergo and want it to go to someone who needs/wants it.  Winner will be chosen at random on Friday night and announced Saturday.  Ergo will be shipped USPS standard mail.

happy weekend!


I don’t know about you but … what a week!

With grey skies, threats of snow, battling colds and earaches, bone broths, crackers, laundry (why can’t I keep up with the laundry?), dishes, ballet (for Jeanne’s little), soccer (for Abby’s), lessons … life …

It was a week filled with life.

To quote an ancient Sanskrit poem:

Look well to this day for it is life …

the very life of life!

In its brief course lie all the realitites and truths of existence…

the joy of growth!

the splendor of action!

the glory of power!

For yesterday is but a memory,

and tomorrow is only a vision

But today, well lived,

makes every yesterday a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.

So with that in mind … here’s our weekly round up:

Our most pinned post of the week… homemade almond nutella


Most read post of the week…the kindergarten quandary.  (Thank you, everyone, for the incredibly thoughtful responses for which we were humbled and appreciative!)

untitled (1 of 1)-30

A must read … from Northern Mum about why forward facing baby carriers might not be a great idea.


(I watched this and cried … we are so lucky … we had one and used it a LOT with our first and I am thankful every day that this didn’t happen to her little hips.)

PS, I have a gently used Ergo Baby Carrier that we are going to GIVEAWAY!  Check on Monday for the ins and outs for your chance to take home a great carrier (including infant insert … if I can find it in storage 🙂 that made all the difference in the world … for me and our little guy 🙂

maple syrup – it’s grade B or it’s nothing at all (A GIVEAWAY)

This giveaway is now closed!  (But there is still a ton of great info on grade B maple syrup to read!)  Congrats to Ashley B. for winning!  Email us at omamasblog@gmail.com to claim your prize!


As recently as five years ago, if you opened my fridge, I’m chagrined to tell you you would have found a Mrs. Butterworth’s “thick & rich syrup” bottle on the door rack.

I was pretty careful about my sugar intake, even then, but I figured maple syrup was maple syrup.  And I thought I liked the taste of it.

I don’t think I once looked at the ingredients [which include high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, salt, cellulose gum, molasses, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid, caramel color, natural and artificial flavors].  (What?!?!?!)

I guess I just didn’t have a grasp on the effects of high fructose corn syrup on my mood, on my body, on my life.

Now, I’m not saying that HFCS was the reason I suffered bouts of depression. Or that GMOs had anything to do with my constant stomach aches. Or that preservatives had anything to do with whatever erratic behavior I was exhibiting.  Or that that extra 10 pounds I carried for 15 (+/-) years had anything to do with the fake food that made it into my diet (including “thick & rich syrup”).

I know you know I think real food is important (at least, if this isn’t your first time here, you know that).

So the fact that Maple Syrup has a higher mineral content than cane sugar (and HCFS and most other sugar substitutes), it contains antioxidants, and is a complex mix of sugars that make it easier to digest and synthesize should have been enough info for me to make the switch from “syrup” to syrup.

But it’s equally important that it taste good.

(What’s the point of eating if it doesn’t taste good?)

So making the switch to real maple syrup didn’t seem like an easy one for me.  (Remember how I said I liked the taste of Mrs. Butterworths?)

Well this is what I realized … all those years I had been trying “real maple syrup” and complaining about how watery it was … how i didn’t like the taste because it was so simple and uninteresting … guess why?  Because it was GRADE A maple syrup.

Grade A syrup is the first harvest from the trees.  It’s lighter in color.  It’s thinner in texture.  And it’s just not as good for you.  So … it doesn’t taste great, and it’s not that good for you … hmmmm … no wonder I opted for the fake stuff.

Grade B (on the other hand) is harvested later in the season.  It’s darker.  It’s more concentrated.  The sugars are more complex.

One ounce of Grade B maple syrup has more than 20% of the daily recommended amount of Manganese it it.  It helps eliminate fatty acids, is an antioxidant and has been shown to lower cholesterol.  It has Zinc (which is good for your immune system, and yet another antioxidant) and is great for heart function.  Grade B syrup is also a metabolism booster (that maple syrup, crushed red pepper and lemon cleanse works WAY better with Grade B syrup), and contains lots of vitamins (like Naicin, B5, B2, Folic Acid, B6, Biotin and Vitamin A) and amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein in our body)

And most importantly … Grade B Maple Syrup tastes fantastic!

So I am converted.

And now we use this miracle sweetener is so many recipes as a sugar-replacement.  In ice cream. Cookies. Cobblers. In nut butter. In oatmeal. And of course, on pancakes.

And to celebrate the benefits of Pure Grade B Maple Syrup … we want to share with you some AMAZING syrup harvested by James, a Wisconsin farmer who sells direct to us through our local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter.

We’ve got a quart for one lucky reader …


To Enter:

Leave a comment…. that’s it!

For additional entries (one each) you can share on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.).  Just be sure to let us know by including that in your comment.  (Ex: “Hey guys, I’d love to win!  I also shared this on Facebook and Pinterest.” That would earn you three entries.)

Contest will be open for one week, until Wednesday June 13 at midnight.  Winner will be announced Thursday June 14 as an update to this post.

Contest is only available for U.S. residents, and will be shipped directly to you as soon as the contest ends.

This is not a sponsored post.  We just really love the stuff, and think you will too!

a mother’s day giveaway … because we love the mothers

~Giveaway closed!  Congrats to Maureen Lifer!  Email us at omamasblog@gmail.com with your shipping address and we’ll get it to you!~

Despite the (sometimes) trying days and long nights, being mamas is one of our greatest joys.

So in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate the ladies!   And what do most mamas want?

To feel appreciated, to feel beautiful, and to know their babies are safe. Ohh… and it’d be nice to not have to think about breakfast.  (A kid-free day at the spa followed by a romantic dinner with our husbands wouldn’t hurt either.)

Sowhat better way to do this than a giveaway of a bag full of some of our favorite pampering goodies!

Here’s what’s up for grabs:
All things we love and use daily!


1: Kim Green Bag*
2: Organic Biologique Cotton Pads
3:  Elizabeth W. Shea Butter Body Cream**
4: Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mineral Bath
5: Natural Pumice Stone- Necessary for foot scrubbing after gardening!
6: Badger After Sun Balm- Sure, it’s a bear to rub in, but it gets a #1 rating on the Environmental Working Group’s safety list (which is a GREAT rating) and it actually works.
7: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap-  You may remember Jeanne mentioning that HERE.
8: Terra Mist Lip Gloss
9: Belgian Egg White Soap**- Jeanne swears by this soap.
10: Bija Body Nightly Beauty Tea**- Can’t hurt, right?

*You may recall that Jeanne used to work in the movie business.  Which means she got to work with some incredibly talented artists from all across the industry.  Incredible actors.  Cinematographers who could transform the sky into a kodachrome memory of 1971.  Productions Designers that could create new worlds out of thin air.  And hair and make-up artists who could make any star beautiful no matter how rough the night before treated him/her.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a make-up artist on hand for those days when we just want to feel pretty even when we have spit-up in our hair?)

Well Kim Greene is one of those make-up artists.  But she’s more than that.  She’s one of those people who brightens up the room just because she’s in it … and if you’re lucky enough to sit in her chair, there’s no one who will make you feel as good about yourself.  So it’s not surprising that Kim hasworked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Christina Applegate, Eric Bana, Jessica Biel, Seth Rogen, Melissa McCarthy … the list is actually too long to go on).  But she has  also created the perfect make-up bag (it’s a unique, organized, sanitary and functional bag to organize your make-up … or hair supplies … or emergency medical supplies … or whatever)!  Thank you Kim for offering up one of your signature Kim Greene Line Essential Bags as a part of this giveaway!

**And then Deirdre Quinn, the proprietor of one of our favorite local stores Indulgence offered to help us fill it!  (Deirdre is one of the most amazing women we’ve met since relocating to Bozeman.  Like Kim, she’s a stellar make-up artist … she did Jeanne’s wedding make-up … she’s a gorgeous human being and spends most of her life making the world a better place to live in.)  Thanks Dierdre!

This fun bag filled to the brim (valued at around $75) will be mailed directly to one of you this weekend!

untitled (1 of 1)-18

It’s really simple to enter!

Just like us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and then leave a comment HERE in this post!

Giveaway open to all US residents.

Winner selected at random on Friday, May 10th.  Check back to this post to see if you’ve won!

We hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Abby and Jeanne

untitled (1 of 1)-15

real food challenge … and a Valentine’s Day giveaway!

This GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED!  Thank you for taking our Real Food Challenge!

Because it’s February.

And because Valentine’s Day is next week … and we love ya 🙂

We’re giving away one copy of Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.


It’s a great book … with so much really good information.  We’re excited to share it.

But this time, in order to enter for your chance to win the book, we’re going to challenge you …

We’re going to challenge you to swap out some of the processed food in your diet for whole/unprocessed goodness.

Like today … instead of ordering a pop with lunch?  How about water?

Or maybe instead of using sugar in your recipe, try pure grade B maple syrup or local raw honey?

Maybe this once, try Coconut Oil in place of Vegetable or Canola oil.

Maybe make an egg for breakfast with a piece of sourdough toast, instead of boxed cereal or processed enriched wheat bread.

Whatever you decide to do … it doesn’t need to be forever … just for today … but we want you to tell us about it, and we want you to share it or tweet it or pin it … Let’s see how many people we can challenge to change just one thing for the better.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Prize: One copy of the book NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon, PhD., mailed to you.
  • To Enter:  Leave a comment telling us what you’re changing today to eat a more nourishing diet.  NOTE: Comments are manually approved, so it might not pop up right away. Then scroll to the bottom of the post (above the comment section) and share this post via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. 
  • Prize ships in the USA only. 
  • Nitty gritty: Only one entry per person per day.  But you can enter every day until Thursday, February 14th.
  • Giveaway starts right now and ends Thursday, February 14th at 11:59 pm.
  • Winner will be chose randomly and announced Friday here on the blog!
  • Remember you can enter once each day… so you can enter ELEVEN times before the giveaway closes next Thursday!


and the winner of our Cold/Flu Survival Kit is …

Happy Friday!

Thank you all for registering for our Cold/Flu Survival Kit Giveaway!

natural flu remedy survival kit The winner is …



Please contact us at omamasblog@gmail.com with your home address and we’ll get your Survival Kit in the mail ASAP!


natural cold/flu remedy survival kit – a GIVEAWAY



Because it’s Tuesday …

Because we really appreciate you all …

And because we know way too many folks who are coming down with the flu …

We’ve put together a little natural flu remedy survival kit that we’re giving away to one lucky winner!

natural flu remedy survival kit

Included in our survival kit … Oil of Oregano, Black Elderberry Extract and Peppermint Essential Oil.

As a reminder, we’re not doctors.  We’re moms.  And we’re sharing our own experience … we rely on these supplements (and a few others) to keep us healthy and strong during cold/flu season.  Obviously, you should consult your own health care professional before adding/changing your own family healthcare regime.

Here are the details:

  • Prize: One O’Mamas Natural Cold/Flu Remedy Survival Kit (value: $33) mailed to you.
  • To Enter:  Leave a comment telling us how you’re fighting colds & flus in your home. (Comments are manually approved, so it might not pop up right away. Then scroll to the bottom of the post (above the comment section) and share this post via Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Prize ships in the USA only. 
  • Nitty gritty: Only one entry per person per day. 
  • Giveaway starts right now and ends Thursday, January 24 at 11:59 pm.
  • Winner will be chose randomly and announced Friday here on the blog!
  • Remember you can enter once each day… so you can enter THREE times before the giveaway closes on Thursday!


and the winner (of the visa gift card) is …

Thank you to everyone who registered for this week’s gift card giveaway!




(whose husband made her french toast for breakfast … lucky gal!)

Email us at omamasblog@gmail.com with your contact information so we can arrange to get this gift card to you as soon as possible.

PS – don’t forget, you’ve got until Sunday (December 23, 2012) at 10 pm PST to register to win a classic checkers game from our sponsor at Family Board Games!

FOR AN EXTRA CHANCE TO WIN, click on this Family Board Games Link, Like them on Facebook, and let us know about it here in the comments!