real food challenge … and a Valentine’s Day giveaway!

This GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED!  Thank you for taking our Real Food Challenge!

Because it’s February.

And because Valentine’s Day is next week … and we love ya ūüôā

We’re giving away one copy of Sally Fallon’s book¬†Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.


It’s a great book … with so much really good information. ¬†We’re excited to share it.

But this time, in order to enter for your chance to win the book, we’re going to challenge you …

We’re going to challenge you to swap out some of the processed food in your diet for whole/unprocessed goodness.

Like today … instead of ordering a pop with lunch? ¬†How about water?

Or maybe instead of using sugar in your recipe, try pure grade B maple syrup or local raw honey?

Maybe this once, try Coconut Oil in place of Vegetable or Canola oil.

Maybe make an egg for breakfast with a piece of sourdough toast, instead of boxed cereal or processed enriched wheat bread.

Whatever you decide to do … it doesn’t need to be forever … just for today … but we want you to tell us about it, and we want you to share it or tweet it or pin it … Let’s see how many people we can challenge to change just one thing for the better.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Prize: One copy of the book NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon, PhD., mailed to you.
  • To Enter:¬†¬†Leave a comment telling us what you’re changing today to eat a more nourishing diet. ¬†NOTE: Comments are¬†manually approved, so it might not pop up right away. Then scroll¬†to the bottom of the post (above the comment¬†section)¬†and share this post via Facebook or¬†Twitter or Pinterest.¬†
  • Prize ships in the USA¬†only.¬†
  • Nitty gritty:¬†Only¬†one entry per person per day. ¬†But you can enter every day until Thursday, February 14th.
  • Giveaway starts¬†right now and ends Thursday, February 14th at 11:59 pm.
  • Winner will¬†be chose randomly and announced Friday here on the blog!
  • Remember you can enter once each day‚Ķ so you can¬†enter ELEVEN times before the giveaway closes next Thursday!


ladled: a cookbook review

I got home yesterday to find that my review copy of LADLED was in the mailbox!


So as much as I wanted to do some laundry (we’ve been out of town for nine days … I didn’t want to do laundry … I need to do laundry!), I just had to take a few minutes to admire Kimi’s new book.

You see, I was lucky enough to recipe test for this book.

That's me.  Top left of the list.  Before I was married ... and before I knew I was going to change my name :)
That’s me. Top left of the list. Before I was married … and before I knew I was going to change my name ūüôā

I had been a fan of Kimi Harris’ blog for a while. We use her recipe for sourdoughs pancakes because … why mess with perfection? I love how knowledgable she is about nourishing foods. I am impressed that her grain free, sugar free treats always taste as good as they look. And honestly, even though I don’t know Kimi in the real world, I love knowing her in the blogsphere. I like to think we might be friends if she lived nearby. ūüôā

Anyway … when she put out a call to her readers for recipe testers, I jumped at the chance. It was one of the best choices I made last spring. Because that means, when the book arrived, I already knew that the Miso Soba and Salmon Soup (on page 134) is delicious and easy to make.

I made it for a potluck dinner party in early June and it went over like gangbusters. (Although I have to admit that I had to order ingredients from amazon for the anchovy stock because there’s no specialty store in Bozeman that sells dried sardines or anchovies. The second time I made the soup, I substituted bonito flakes and while it wasn’t as rich a broth, it still worked, and was a little more friendly to our budget).

I also know the Chilled Honeydew and Cucumber Soup with Coconut Milk is a perfect chilled summer soup. In fact, seeing it again in the book (on page 264) returns me to the long days of summer and makes me want to find a reason to go somewhere warm just to have another bowl.

But what’s most exciting about Kimi’s book (and the 120 nourishing soups she’s included … with great photos and simple instructions) is that there are so many simple soups …even if you’re new to this whole “nourishing foods” idea, you’re sure to find something you like! And if you’re on a special diet? There are GAPS friendly, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten free …it’s a specialty food extravaganza.

In fact, it’s such a great resource, as soon as I get the copy I ordered from, we’re going to give away a copy here on O’Mamas. So you’ll have to check back!

How about you …read any good cookbooks lately?


the smitten kitchen cookbook: a review

by Jeanne

I think I’m in love.


It’s probably not love.

Because I don’t know Deb Perelman.

But it’s definitely a pretty serious girl-crush.

Deb is the creator/blogger-extraordinaire at the Smitten Kitchen blog.

And she’s wonderful.

Her recipes are easy to follow and super tasty (which apparently has something to do with her obsessive compulsiveness … and I now think that’s a great trait).

Her photos make me hungry.

She’s even a talented writer.

Basically, she’s the whole package.

And now she’s published her first cookbook.

So of course I rushed out and ordered a copy the moment I found out it was available. It’s become my late-night companion. I’m reading it like a novel. Seriously. Tucked in bed after the kids go to sleep. When I wake at 3 a.m. Sneaking peaks during the day if I get five minutes by myself. It’s accomplished exactly what I think a good cookbook should do: it’s got me dreaming of ways to incorporate her food into our lives.

The thing is, though, Deb is not totally on board with some of our dietary choices. She uses refined sugar and table salt and white flour. She’s not worried about soaking her grains or avoiding vegetable oil or soy. But every page has a dish that looks more delicious than the last. It’s just going to require a little figuring to adapt them.

And I’m very excited to try.

Like, for example, her Gingerbread Spice Dutch Baby, which is basically an incredibly decadent German Pancake, baked in a cast iron pan.

I want this dang pancake. But I’m also learning more and more about how important it is to soak one’s grains before cooking/eating them. So I’m taking a chance. I’ve got one third cup of organic unbleached flour “soaking” in two
tablespoons of our sourdough start and 2 tablespoons of water … covered with a clean dish towel, just waiting for baking!

If it works, you can bet I’ll be trying her peach sour cream pancakes … and her big breakfast latkes … and pretty much any other recipe in this delightfully gorgeous book. I might have to order a few more copies for gifts. I can think of a few people who might enjoy the adventure…

UDATE: ¬†IT WORKS!!! ¬†sourdough dutch baby (minus the molasses and brown sugar … with maple syrup instead of white sugar) … AMAZING!! ¬†And we ate it so fast, I didn’t get to snap a photo!! ¬†Next time. ¬†For sure.

PS – Don’t forget to sign up to win the WORLD MARKET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! ¬†Registration closes at 10 pm PST tonight. ¬†Winner will be chosen at random and announced TOMORROW on the blog!