birth of a ginger bug. it’s a worthwhile waiting game.

Patience is important so often during the day … but I’m finding that it’s integral to a successful real food life because there’s a lot of waiting involved.

Waiting for the kombucha to make it through it’s second fermentation.

Waiting for the almonds to soak (to break down the enzyme inhibitors and phytates).  Then waiting for them to dehydrate and get “crispy” again before I can go ahead and make some almond butter for sandwiches.

Waiting for milk to ferment into kefir or yogurt.

Waiting for the sourdough leaven to rise.  Then for the dough to rise again.  And rise again.

Waiting for the seeds to sprout.

Waiting for the garden to grow.

Waiting for the vegetables to ferment.

Simmering bones and vegetables for broth for hours upon hours.

Steeping tea for kombucha and letting it cool to just the right temperature.

So it’s not just waiting … it’s constant monitoring …

Keeping the kombucha scoby alive.

Feeding the kefir grains to keep them healthy.

Feeding the sourdough starter.

Checking that the veggies are covered by their liquid.

It’s as though everywhere I look there’s something simmering, soaking, sprouting or somehow needing some attention.

But it’s worth it.

It’s worth it to know that our kids are eating (and totally enjoying) real whole foods… that their favorite “juice” is a fermented probiotic sweet tea (kombucha).  That their idea of “soda” is a probiotic and effervescent powerhouse of goodness made from a “ginger bug” and fresh organic juice.

We used to buy these “sodas” at the Pasadena Farmer’s Market, from a small, local producer whose name I wish I remembered.  They showed up weekly with in-season sodas … pear, grape, apple, plum … oh man … so good.  But we’re not in California anymore.  so I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and make my own ginger bug.

I’m using Holistic Squid’s recipe.

Ginger Bug

It’s been five days since I started the process and today, for the first time, I not only heard the telltale “pshhhhh” as I opened the jar that proves it’s fermenting, but I also got to see a steady stream of delightful little bubbles rushing to the top of the liquid.  I’m going to give it another day or two before I try my hand at a new “soda” recipe.

I’ll share our first soda recipe next week.

Are you as excited as I am??!?!?

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