being prepared to get sick

One by one this week, my family caught a mild  cold.  It started with my youngest and then worked its way through the house.

With the severe flu going around, I know I’ve got nothing to complain about.  The hardest part of the week was feeling groggy and being home bound.

Much like having dry food and water stored away for a natural disaster, I think it’s a great idea to always have things on hands in case you get sick.


We do what we can to prevent it, but every now and then sickness strikes.

Last summer, out of nowhere, all four of us got (what the doctor called) a very rare strain of the flu.  Thankfully, I don’t remember much except being in the doctors office with a 105 temp and having to wheeled out to the car because I could not walk.

And as much as I strive to do all things naturally, I was so delirious those few days that I would have probably taken any drug offered.

All that to say… thinking on this week and then our flu run-in last summer, I’ve realized that it’s important to be prepared for unexpected sickness.

Whether its over the counter medicines or natural supplements you take, go ahead and have you cupboard stocked with what you might need.  Having time to shop around for deals or order things online should save money in the long run.

Consider what you would want on hand for unexpected colds, the flu, a stomach bug, strep throat, etc.

This week I’ve taken oregano oil, elderberry, vitamin d3 and a honey propolis throat spray as needed.  I’m so thankful that I had these on hand, because I truly believe they’ve shortened the length of this cold.  (Although since we’ve had in one my one, it feels like the cold has lasted forever!)

Think about food too.  It’s a good idea to have a few meals frozen that you can always fall back on when your family is hungry and you are stuck in bed.  Of course someone could go buy fast food or something, but junk food is the last thing your body needs when it’s under attack.

Last night I made chicken soup using our homemade bone broth, and it was soothing for the whole family.

It helped a lot being prepared this week.  We did take a trip or 2 to the grocery store, but mainly just because it was nice to get out.  It’s Thursday now and we are all on the mend.  If it weren’t for the lingering runny noses, we would be off to the kids kinder-gym class!


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