becoming his own

Who would have thought dressing two little messy people would be so fun?  As it turns out, it’s something I really enjoy.  Seeing I have to look at them all day, every day… I guess it makes sense I want them to look cute!

I’d call my “baby style” comfy cute, and would much rather go shopping for my two boys than myself.

The clothes I pick for them are nothing special (except to me!), just little soft pieces (often second hand) that catch my eyes.  206920_988950533337_2307030_n






BUT…. (why does there always have to be a but?)

With my oldest recently turning four, I’m starting to realize how quickly they are becoming their own little people… with their own styles.

And against every bone in my body, it is all about superheroes right now.

Without ever seeing a Spiderman, Superman or Batman TV show or movie, my kid is OBSESSED with these action heroes.

Friends and family have spoiled him these last few weeks for his birthday with all things superheroes, and I’m happy it’s helping me embrace him becoming his own person.

Today he went to lunch in oversized red shorts and a batman t-shirt, and he couldn’t have been more proud of his clothes.

So while it might not be my idea of kid fashion, he’s becoming his own four year old self.  photo-3



And that’s a good thing.



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