ballet lessons …

Otherwise known as: “how we finally got our toddler potty-trained.”  by Jeanne

First things first …


And now for something completely unrelated …

About five months ago, our little butterfly fairy was totally potty-trained.  I mean, totally.

Even at night, she was potty-trained.

No accidents.

A lot of enthusiasm.

And it was a delight.

But then.

Things took a turn.

I don’t know if it was a “cry for attention” as her little brother began crawling and squawking and getting more attention.

Or if it was just one more thing about which she could exert some control.

Whatever the case …

She decided that she didn’t want to use the potty anymore.

And I was in denial.

For two weeks.

Changing her pants every few hours and doing more laundry than I like to recount.

(Is it fair that I’m sharing this on a blog?  Do you think she’ll be mad at me one day?)

Anyway …

That was a few months ago.

And I was sort of hitting my limit.

We tried everything.





Trips to the park.

You name it … we tried it.

To no avail.

Until a few weeks ago.

She was chatting with her friend Jane about ballet. (Yes, 3-year-old girls “chat.”  And it’s really cute. I’ll get a picture one of these days.)

And she remembered that this is something she really wanted to do.

So we made a deal.

Use the potty, take ballet.

Make a mess, and no dancing.

It was that simple.

Two weeks later and …


Not an accident in sight.


And she’s taking her class very seriously (that’s her in the back … in the pink … with the pigtails).

Please … please … please … let it stick!

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