baby wants a dragon… he gets a dragon

In an effort to be more festive about the holidays, I’ve made sure we’ve done all things pumpkin related this October.

To be honest, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. No reason too specific… you just won’t find me decorating the mantle with cob webs and plastic spiders. But now I’ve got these 2 little boys now, and one four year old in particular who is all about this upcoming Halloween.


Pardon the unpainted door frame.  Front porch currently under construction.

When it came time to carve, he wasn’t satisfied with a standard smiley face pumpkin, and needed something “much scarier” like a dragon.


We googled around and found a basic template to carve a dragon  I think all in all we did pretty darn good.

But then for the best part:


I’ve always had an unnatural obsession with these things. While it takes a bit of work, you’ll never find me throwing out a pumpkin without salvaging the seeds first.

The pulp situation might tempt you to skip making these all together, but I’ve found soaking the seeds and pulp in water helps move the process along.  And also don’t stress to much if it isn’t perfect. A little pulp never hurt anyone.

Roasted pumpkin seeds:

  • In small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon salt with 1.5 cups of washed and dried pumpkin seeds.
  • Spread on glass baking dish, sprinkle with salt and bake for 45(ish) minutes at 375.
  • Every 15 minutes, use the spatula to turn the seeds.
  • Done!  Now go enjoy your pumpkin seeds!

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