are you in? I’m in … a challenge!

Abby posted a challenge this morning … and it really got me thinking (and got me looking through old photos).

I don’t have a lot of photos of me and my mom growing up.  Maybe half a dozen.

It could be because I’m the youngest of seven, and by the time I came around there was more to worry about than Mommy-Daughter photos.  I’m not throwing a pity-party.  Because the photos I do have, I cherish beyond words.  They are very “of the time” … Kodachrome, 3×3’s … totally ’70s … in fashion and in feel.

the rockin' 70s I love seeing my beautiful mom with her mod hair-cut and mini-dress!

I think it’s funny that just a few days after I butchered my own hair (with kids’ lefty scissors … I’m a righty) there’s a picture of me and her on the beach (I loved that bikini … I wish I had one like it now!).

And no matter how stressful Christmas was for our parents (7 kids … are you kidding me?), I love remembering the joy and anticipation of Christmas Eve hanging our string of Who-like stockings on the mantle.

Each 3×3 square sparks a wonderful memory … and pulls strings on my heart.

So I wish there were more.

And Abby’s right.

If I don’t take the pictures with the littles, then there won’t be any pictures for them to cherish … there won’t be the visual stimuli to spark the memory and re-kindle the joy they have now.

Which brings me to Abby’s challenge.

I’m in.

photo copy

And I hope you’re in.

And what I really hope is that you’ll email us some of your photos over the next 31 days so we can share them with everyone else on here!  Our email:

Who’s with us?





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