April showers

You know how lately Jeanne and I have been going on and on about this gorgeous warm Montana weather?  It’s because we knew.


We knew that it’s only the beginning of April and we couldn’t put away the snow boots just yet.

Huge flurries started pouring in as we sat down for dinner with Jeanne’s family last night.  It’s amazing how much my mentality has changed.  When we moved here from Texas a few years back I was not too fond of this weather.  It just seemed to make everything so complicated.  Now I can build a fire with the best of them, and getting out and about with the kids in 15 degree weather isn’t all that hard.

So we’re staying in today… and probably making biscuits.  I made some last night for our company and they turned out to be crowd pleasers.  Can I be honest?  They are pretty naughty.  Will you guys forgive me if I post the recipe this afternoon?

Until then,




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