appreciating fairy-goodness


Here’s a re-cap of a conversation I had with a girlfriend (not Abby) a few days ago that made me remember not to judge … just to accept … because accepting leads to appreciating and appreciating makes us happy (I’m paraphrasing):

Why is your daughter’s hair so short?

Um.  It just is.

But she’s such a pretty girl.

Thank you!

But … did you cut it?

I, uh … I cut her bangs a few weeks ago.

What about the back.



For real.

Have you ever cut it?

Nope … just the bangs.

How old is she?


And that’s it?

That’s it.

But she’s so cute!  Like a Fairy.



Here’s what I hope is the takeaway from the conversation … my little one doesn’t have a ton of hair … not because I cut it … but because that’s just how much hair she has .. and regardless of how much hair she has … she’s still beautiful.  She just doesn’t have long hair.  She might even be a fairy.  At the very least, that’s her plan for Halloween.

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