apple cider vinegar: a miracle juice in my book

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Earlier I posted one of the many uses of Apple Cider Vinegar, and I wanted to come back with a list of all the things I personally use ACV for.  To fully receive the benefits, it’s important to only use organic, raw, unfiltered ACV such as Braggs.  You can buy this miracle juice on Amazon or at most grocery stores for under $5.
  • Fighting off sickness such as a sore throat, a stomach bug, the flu, a sinus infection, etc.  Vinegar contains malic acid, which has anti-bacterial, fungal and viral properties.  Drinking a few tablespoons 3-4 times a day when faced with an illness (or around someone who is) helps boost my immunity and fight off any infection my body might be faced with. My oldest son just got over a 24 hour stomach bug, and I loaded up on ACV while taking care of him!
  • Treating and preventing a UTI.  Urinary Tract Infections are caused my unwanted bacteria getting into your urinary system.    ACV contains high concentrations of enzymes that keep these bacteria from multiplying or growing.   These infections are very common among pregnant women, and drinking a few tablespoons of ACV a day will really help keep them away.  You can drink it straight or dilute with water if you prefer.
  • Weight loss.  ACV aids in digestion and breaking down fats in your body.
  • Clearing up blemishes and skin conditions such as warts.  For blemishes, just rub ACV vinegar on the affected area whenever possible.
  • As an acidic medium when soaking grains and beans.  Here is a great resource on why and how you should soak these things before eating them.
  • Stripping cloth diapers.  Adding a half a cup vinegar in the wash with the diapers keeps the stink out.
  • Diaper rash.  If the rash contains no open sores, I rub on a small amount along with coconut oil.  Does the trick every time!
  • Cleaning.  I typically use a cheaper white vinegar for this, but mixing a little vinegar and water is good for cleaning surfaces, windows, glass and toilets.  Using vinegar for cleaning will save you a ton of money and keeps harmful chemicals out of your home.  The smell is strong, but goes away quickly.
  • Keeping fleas off your animals.  When we had our dog Buddy, I would add a tablespoon of ACV to his bowl of water every few days.  The fleas wanted nothing to do with him!

This list could go on and on, but I wanted to only list things that I have personally used this for and I am confident they work!  A few readers have asked how to drink it if they can’t tolerate the strong taste.  You can dilute with water and add honey to taste!


Please chime in a let us know ways that you use it! Have a great day!

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  1. I absolutely love ACV! If you have heartburn, take a shot (or medicine cup). Also, rinse your fruits and veggies in it. Add some to your water and do a 10 minute rinse. If soaking delicate berries, make sure not to leave them longer than 10mins. I think my f&v stay fresher longer. Drink it every morning – 2T (or so) acv in water, 1-2T honey, little lemon. YUM!
    Hugs to you! LOVE yall’s blog!!

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