an off day… in a good way

Overall, this summer was fast paced and full of fun, just like we like it.  We headed to Texas twice, had family here for a few weeks, did lots of gardening, a little hiking, a ton of park days, play dates and I even got to sneak away for an adults only camping trip.

We’re just home from our last trip, and this week we’ve spent lots of time hanging with Jeanne and her kids to try and get this ol’ blog in order.  It’s actually been really fun and we’ve been cooking up a storm of new recipes to share in the coming weeks!  The kids were troopers, and enjoyed a late night jammie party while us mamas wrapped up a few things.


With all the hustle and bustle, yesterday I realized we needed a day at home.

Part of what came with always being on the go this summer is I got sort of lax on what we were eating.  Still (mostly) organic and stuff, but we’ve been making pancakes and pizzas and all sorts of fun stuff… often.

So to begin our day at home we had a smoothie for breakfast.  I just headed out to the greenhouse and grabbed some kale and a cucumber, and then added in some frozen cherries, an avocado, some local honey and raw milk


My youngest sucked it down, but my four year old took a little convincing.  We’re all having to work at getting back in the groove.

The rest of the day consisted of lots of down time, making a gallon of pesto with basil from the garden, bike riding and getting ready for the food swap.  For the food swap I brought tomatoes, basil, parsley, green peppers, tomato sauce, pesto and some grass-fed ground beef.  I think I did pretty good taking home a huge spaghetti squash, some jam, a giant head of purple cabbage (that I can’t wait to ferment!), a bunch of orange beets, some red onions and an almond version of this homemade Nutella that Jeanne made (recipe coming soon!).

So I guess we didn’t technically stay home all day, but it was still so relaxing and refreshing.  It was a great reminder that sometimes it’s best to just be….  I’m thinking we may need to do this at least once a week!

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