an extremely healthy food you can grow in your kitchen cupboard

For several years we have been adding sprouts to our diet.

Although tiny, they are protein-rich, full of digestive enzymes and packed with essential nutrients.

My kids like to snack on them, but they are easy to sneak into smoothies, sandwiches and salads.

They are so easy to make.  Just like food from your own garden, it’s so rewarding to eat what you have grown yourself.

All you need is a mason jar with a sprouting lid, some seeds and dark cupboard.

A sprouting lid can be purchased at most health food stores or HERE in our Amazon store.


I usually sprout broccoli seeds, as they are known to be 50 times higher in antioxidants than regular mature broccoli.  Of course different sprouts have different nutritional benefits, but they are all tiny little powerhouses.

So here’s what you do.  Place about a tablespoon of your seeds in a wide mouth mason jar.  Cover with water like the picture below, and then place sprouting lid on top.  Leave overnight.

In the morning, turn over and strain the water through the lid. Place jar in a dark cupboard upside down at an angle.  This keeps the air circulating.

Twice a day for the next 5 days:

  • Cover seeds with water.
  • Strain out water through lid immediately.
  • Return to dark cupboard.


After about 5 days, you will have a jar full of crunchy power-packed sprouts.


Who doesn’t love something you can grow indoors?


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