a little love for the midwives

Before I had even confirmed I was pregnant with Elijah, I had my eye on a birth center in a cute little house down the road.  To be honest, the idea on a midwife was foreign, but something in me knew that is what I wanted.  Two babies later, I can honestly say using a midwife was one of the greatest things I have done.

I just learned that this is National Midwife Week and I feel like there are 3 ladies in my life who deserve a big thank you!  These woman took excellent care of be and my babies before, during and after they were born!

To Amber and Joanie… Thank you for your patience and wisdom during my birth with Elijah.  You kept calm in a potentially scary situation and you kept our safety your top priority.  I will always remember the long, hard birth of my first born in our tiny house in Texas.  I am forever grateful for the two of you.

Elijah and I 

To Mikelann… I was very nervous about finding a new midwife once I moved to Montana, because I loved those ladies in Texas.   After our first appointment I knew I trusted you just the same.  During labor, you knew just how to calm my anxiety and how to help me get David out quickly.  You have a special place in my heart!


And to all those midwives out there on call 24/7… you are selfless, you are genius and you are appreciated!

A little note: If you have even the slightest curiosity about using a midwife during childbirth, do yourself a favor and go meet with one.  She will answer all your questions!

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