A quick read we can all benefit from!

A week or so ago, I came across THIS BLOG  that had me at hello.

Bridget writes mainly about family and fashion and food, but I just discovered THIS old guest post from her mother that I think is a gem!

Every now and then you come across a simple, thorough explanation of living a healthy lifestyle that seems to cover all the basics…

She says…

Health and all things relating to health became my passion when I was pregnant with my first — who will soon turn 40!!  I was a pretty sick kid and began questioning if there was a better way.   And so it began.  We went the route of natural childbirth.  My husband was in the delivery room — the first one ever in our local hospital.  Breastfeeding came next.  That was a no brainer.  Transitioning onto solid foods really got my attention.  That demanded so much more thought.  I needed to really start reading. I soon realized the importance and the impact of the choices we make on our overall health and well being.  And so it continues.  I read and enjoy anything and everything on the subject of health.  Except for a few official courses along the way plus age and some wisdom — I have no real credentials!!  I’m here to say that a healthy life style is worth any sacrifice (real or imagined) that is required.  Where are we without our health?  Every ‘body’ is different.  But to the degree that we can influence our health — why wouldn’t we?  KEEP READING…

And what’s a post without a picture (even if it’s an old one)… we’re itching for warm weather again here in Montana!

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Hope you find a few minutes to read!

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