a pizza roundup… because it’s the only thing I’m cooking these days.

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Abby here.

When I was in college, I came across an insanely amazing chipotle chicken chili recipe in a Real Simple magazine.  It was probably my first meal to actually ever cook, and I specifically remember chopping the red peppers and feeling like this must be what it’s like to be a grown-up.

I started thinking about that recipe the other night, and spent over an hour searching through their archives to find that recipe.  No luck!

Although I couldn’t find the recipe, I could not get it off my mind. I figured I’d wing it because how hard could it be?

I had the chipotle chilis, the peppers, onions, chicken, bone broth and every mexican spice you could ever want.

A few hours later, I had nothing even remotely close to the chili I was longing for, but slightly thicker version of my favorite tortilla soup.  (No one complained as we love that stuff, too.)

Soooo…. instead of sharing a chipotle chicken chili with you, I figured I talked about pizza.

You could say I’m cooking it like it’s going out of style, but we all know that will never happen.

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While my pizzas are almost homemade, I can’t say I don’t take advantage of a local bakery’s amazing pizza dough.  On The Rise makes a ridiculous crust, and at $2.50 a pop, I see no reason to try myself.

But I do use Jeanne’s easy tomato sauce.  I made gallons (seriously) of this stuff this summer from all our tomatoes, and I’m so glad I did!  On occasion we skip the tomato sauce and use homemade pesto (another sauce I’ve got gallons of in the freezer.)  Thankfully, we’ve got some great local organic cheese in Bozeman, and I usually use a blend of cheddar and mozzarella.

Tonight I just made a regular cheese pizza with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.  This ones a hit, but my absolute favorite would have to be this BBQ chicken pizza.  But I can’t forget about the mean eggplant pizza Jeanne made one night we were there for dinner.  Ohh, and her butternut squash pizza! Still waiting on her to make it and invite us over for dinner.

So I’ve been making pizza, a lot.  I don’t know if that’s something I should be proud of or not, but I will say… I’ve got one happy family!


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