a phone full of memories

It seems like no matter how old I get, my parents house will always be my second home.  Last week, the kids and I were in Texas for my dad’s 60th birthday and as always… we had a great time.

To keep things simple, I didn’t take my camera and just snapped pictures with my iphone.  My poor phone is one bump away from shattering into a million pieces, and I was paranoid the whole trip home that it would take its last breath and I would lose all the pictures! Luckily, that didn’t happen.  We had a great trip and I don’t want to forget these memories.

We flew to Austin where my brother lives and surprised my dad there.  My dad is one of the most wonderful men I know, and even at 60 he doesn’t have a gray hair on his head. Both my boys are pretty drawn to him!

One of my very favorite things about this trip was the really quick trip I took down the New Braunfels.  That little house in the background was John and I’s first place together, and also the home that my Elijah was (literally) born in.  It will forever be a special place to me.

We haven’t been back since we moved to Montana almost 3 years ago.  We were literally only there 45 minutes, but I got to see a few people I love dearly.  This is Kailee.  She is by far one of my very favorite people in the whole world, and I can only hope that one day we will live in the same town again!

Aunt Amberly, Elijah and Aunt Rach.  So thankful for my sister and sister-in-law!

This is my brother who lives in Austin… He’s single ladies!

So this picture of Elijah was while we were at a little park in Austin.  It was a few days before Halloween so a lot of the kids were dressed up.  There were 2 punk kids dressed as cops whose mom wasn’t paying them any mind.  Next thing you know, they have their fake guns in Elijah’s chest apparently trying to take him out.  Let me just say… it really bothered me.  I doesn’t matter to me whether you choose to let your kids play with toy guns or not… but can you please just not take them to the park with a bunch of kids who don’t know you!

Okay… maybe one more little rant.  Forever 21 now has a plus size line and THESE ARE THE MODELS.  Ridiculous.   Apparently, size 2 is the new norm, and anything over that qualifies for plus size.  So irritating.

We went to a pumpkin patch and this is the best pic I could get of my 2 kids together.  I have so much admiration for photographers who manage to get good pics of multiple children together.  Please… what is the secret?

I love this next picture, because it is so David.  He’s down there in the top left of the picture headed for a busy road. I tried to get him interested in the maze, but he is a runner and would much rather be in the open.

Speaking of running.  When Elijah was little I would see people putting their kids on leashes and I couldn’t help but think, “Can’t you just keep an eye on your kid?”  Then my second child started walking (or rather running…away from me), and it all made sense.  got one to try at the airport with David.  I guess you could say it worked, because it kept him in one place: on the floor throwing a fit! Fun times!

I’m so bummed that this is the only picture I got of my boys and my mom.  Let me just say both my boys are pretty crazy about their Grammy.

We got to spend a few afternoons with my grandparents, and can I just say how big of a privilege I feel it is that my kids get to spend time with my grandparents?!  Since we live to far away it took the kids a second to warm up, but eventually Elijah did.

David, on the other hand, took a little more convincing.  My grandpa is such a good sport. Quick fact about that wonderful man…. he was an only child who went on to have five kids of his own… and then on to to have 16 grandkids…and then on to have about 30 (and always counting) great-grandkids… so cool!

This next picture makes me laugh.  My mom and Elijah ran to the grocery store, and Elijah really wanted to get a toy.  Grammy talked him down to a lobster.

Elijah actually got sick on Halloween, so there wasn’t any candy (woo hoo!), but he did get to carve a pumpkin with my brother!

Our flight home didn’t go as smooth as the first, but we survived!

And just like what every parent hopes will happen on the plane, David actually slept!!

I’m completely blessed to have gotten stuck with such a great family.

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