a late night rambling when I should be asleep

It’s been a rough few weeks as a mama.  The boys both had a minor cold which then turned into a crazy cough which has now turned into a stomach bug.  We’ve been stuck home for way too long and officially need a Veggie Tales detox.

It’s the opposite of awesome.

Today caught me off guard though.  The youngest was still very whiney and clingy (as he has been through this sickness), but other than that I thought we were on the up and up.

(Through all this my husband and I have managed to stay well, and I plan to devote an entire post to the natural supplements we’ve been taking.)

I even got to have “me” time for about an hour and a half this morning while John watched the kids.

During my 90 minutes of bliss, I soaked in the tub.  I was relaxing away when I looked over and realized a scary one-armed man and dinosaur had been watching me the whole time.  Mama never gets a break. (Side note: I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve peed without a toddler on my lap this past week.)

photo-26 After the bath, I decided to get my @$$ in gear and actually go on a run/walk.  I’ve been thinking for weeks how I want to get back into running, and the weather was nice so I gave it a go.  I even took a picture of my running shoes with the intent of posting a happy post this evening encouraging all you mamas to find “me” time.


I ran a whopping 4 minutes before I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  It’s sort of weird to go from having long seasons in life where you would run 4 miles daily to not being able to run for 4 minutes.  For a split second I was down on myself, but then I decided to change my tune.  I should be proud that I actually got out there and did something… even if it short and unimpressive.  For me half the battle is actually getting started, so I hope today’s run/walk will be just the beginning for me.

Then after the little guy’s nap we headed to the park to meet Jeanne and kids.  It was 62 degrees with no breeze in March in Montana.  This is a Montana Miracle!

The first 15 minutes we were at the park were fantastic.  Smiles galore.

I’m sorry, but isn’t he a cutie?

And then the day went south.

My youngest started acting pretty sick pretty quick.  I called our Dr. and he was able to get him before they closed in an hour. We left the park and headed straight there.  We got checked out and everything was getting better, when my oldest decided to hurl all over the waiting room floor.

So we are home now.  And this evening my kids both threw up on me at the same time twice... which is endearing and disgusting.

This is the second time now I have totally regretted not following my blogger friend’s advice to order this inexpensive and effective natural remedy, Stomach Rescue, and have it on hand.  Lesson learned.

And concerning the title of the post… I really should be asleep.  This ain’t my first stomach bug rodeo.   I can guarantee that  as soon as I get nice and cozy under the covers a little one will be up needing their mama.

Hope y’all get a little more sleep than I do!

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  1. Sounds like a rough one, Abby. Hope all is better today. I really enjoy the posts & the recipes. I’m elderly & retired but I sympathize with your trials. I love my grandkids & cherish the time that I have with them. But it’s nice to go home & be with my dog. What peace!

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