a good cause (and a GREAT giveaway)

We’re not the only ones with a great giveaway this week. (CLICK HERE to check out the O’Mamas giveaway).

You see, Kate and her husband are in the process of adopting their second child. But adoption, you may know, is an expensive proposition. And there are a lot of good people in the world, with big hearts and room in their lives and their love to care for littles whose birth mothers can’t care for them. But some of those incredible adoptive parents don’t have deep pockets. And we believe Kate and Kuby fall into that category. Big hearts, less-big pocketbooks.


So as much as we hope you sign up for our giveaway (and really … we hope you sign up for our giveaway), we hope you’ll join Kate and Kuby’s giveaway and fundraiser (which ends tonight) and help in their fundraising effort to pay for the adoptive process.

Friday night seems like a good night to do a good deed, don’t you think?

Jeanne & Abby

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