a DIY desk … part 1

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Remember I mentioned that I had plans to make a desk?

Well I’m finally out of the planning stage and into the making, with the help of my super-pal Suzy B, woodworker-extraordinaire!

Today, I picked the knotty blue pine panels (2 @ $7 each) for the desk top.

I’m using two 1X8x10s of knotty blue pine for the desk top, so I was looking for pieces that “matched” but weren’t too “matchy” … you know?

Cut them down to size.

two 1x8x10 boards cut in half make 3 boards that will be used for the top, one gets cut again to be fitted for shelves.

A note about taking blog photos while using power tools … NOT A GOOD IDEA … so this is what the wood looked like after I used the chop saw to cut it. (I used a chop saw … what a weird sentence to read … wow … but I did it.  And I still have all my fingers.  So I’m entirely psyched!)

Then I took two 2x6x8 boards (2 for $12.99 … plus the $14 for the knotty pine boards, brings me to $27 on materials thus far) and cut them to use as the legs.

These are the legs after they’ve been cut, planed, “rounded,” cut again and sanded. The only mistake I made today was cutting one of the legs on the wrong angle. UGH … but luckily, Suzy had an extra 2×4 that she quickly re-cut for me to sand. (What took me 45 minutes, took Suzy 5 … )

Then we glued the top pieces together (after they were planed and sent thru the rounder table with a jointer attachment).

A cool thing about doing this DIY desk with someone who makes furniture for a living? She has an amazing array of power tools, including a “biscuit joiner” which makes gluing a desk top together way more sturdy. She also has these cool braces to hold the top together. Table saws (which she didn’t let me use … probably a smart decision on her part as we didn’t have time in the schedule for a trip to the emergency room :), Planers, sanders, measuring tapes, ear plugs, gloves … I see why she likes her job.

And then, after the glue was dried on the desk top and on the shelves, Suzy sanded the desk top, and it was pretty much time for me to get back to mommy hood …

this is it … the top of my desk … ready to have a clear coat applied and assembled with the legs and shelves.

… (a GREAT BIG thank you ABBY for taking care of our girl today …

I was happy to see the kiddos were so helpful … and I was equally stressed that I’m not ready to start growing my seed starts yet!

… and thank you COWBOY for watching the little guy).

Now all I’ve got to do is find time to assemble the parts, paint it with a clear coat, and transport it home … woohoo!  I’ll be excited to show you the finished product when all is said and done.

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