6 natural ways to fight the flu

We like happy, healthy kids around here…


So hearing that most of the country is fighting the flu can seem a little scary.

Source: CDC
Source: CDC

We don’t like hunkering at home, so it’s important to me that my family has a strong immunity to fight this nasty bug off.  We don’t do the flu shot, but there are a number of natural things you can do and take to help prevent or shorten the flu.


D3 is a potent immune system modulator we derive naturally from the sun.  In the summer, we get plenty of direct sunshine so we only take this supplement in colder months.   My one and 3 year old get one drop (2,000 IU) and the adults get 4 drops (8,000 IU).  Check your bottle to make sure you have D3 versus D2.  D3 is said to work up to 500 times faster and is much more potent.   Here’s a great read from Dr. Mercola explaining the difference.

I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff.  Anytime I feel something coming on, I start taking raw crushed garlic.  It doesn’t taste good, but it helps me every. single. time.  Garlic is a natural immunity booster and is known to prevent and treat fungal, viral and bacterial infections.  Just crush and chop a large clove, let is sit for 15 minutes (this is said to help release enzymes) and then eat it.  There’s no pretty way to get this stuff down. I suppose raw garlic on a piece of bread with butter wouldn’t be so bad, but the last thing a sick body needs is bread!  Take it straight and have a chaser ready!

I’ve already dedicated an entire post to Apple Cider Vinegar.  Like garlic, it has natural anti fungal, viral and bacterial properties.  You can take a tablespoon or 2 each day.


This is an easy one for me, because I love kombucha.  Jeanne and I both make our own, which is nice because we always have access to it.  This carbonated beverage helps support immunity, aid in digestion and alkalize your body.  Often times when we are sick, our bodies are in desperate need of good bacteria to help fight off what we are fighting.  My kids and I  drink this probiotic-rich beverage each day, and then a little more when we are under the weather.


Oil of oregano has been called nature’s strongest natural antibiotic.  Two things I know personally… it works and it is strong!  I haven’t figured out how to my kids to take it, but the adults take 3 drops a day when down.  With the wide spread amount of flu going around right now, I’ve been taking it every day as a preventative.
Image-4 Elberberry not only helps prevent the flu, but speeds up recovery if you have it.  I buy mine from Vitacost, but here is a great post from Wellness Mama on how to make your own.

Also… avoid the sugar.  Processed sugar destroys your immunity and should be kept far, far away when trying to fight the flu.

These aren’t fix alls.  There’s always a chance my family could catch the bug, but I love knowing we are doing everything we can to prevent it!

Stay well!

**Those were my suggestions for fighting the flu, CLICK HERE to read 6 more natural ways from Jeanne!**

12 thoughts on “6 natural ways to fight the flu

  1. Love this post! We do all the same thing with the exception of kombucha and garlic but do add collodial silver…..we are never “sick” more than 2 days

  2. Jeanne here … We also use Lauricidin as a supplement when flu/cold symptoms start to show up in our home. It’s derived from coconut oil and is anit-baccterial-anti-vira and anti-fungal/yeast. and like Merrily, we aren’t “sick” for more than one or two days.

  3. Natural remedies are so interesting to me! I’ve never really tried them but want to start! I recently pinned a find on Pinterest about 4 top essential oils to start using. Really enjoyed this post!

    1. Marisa… that’s awesome! Jeanne is actually working on a second post on the flu with what her family uses to combat this stuff… I think there are a some essential oils in there!

    1. Hey Jamie! I absolutely would take all of them if I caught the flu. Right now I am taking D3, oil of oregano, Kombucha and elderberry. Hope that helps! Thanks for checking out our blog!

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