making memories

We used to have a beautiful and elegant dining room.

With a handmade square table that easily and comfortably sat 8 or 10 people.

A haven in which we could share yummy dinners … talk over the day’s events … and enjoy each others’ company.

I have a photo to prove it.


But after scouring my hard-drive, the image is only in my memory.

Because what we have now isn’t so much a dining room, as a room where all the toys stay …

See the new floor? That’s cork. We just swapped out the very-hard-to-keep-clean tile for this eco-friendly floor. I kind of love it.

…And while having dinner around the coffee table in the living room isn’t quite so elegant …

I think we have more fun this way …


What’s that saying that’s been going around Facebook these day?  “Pardon my mess, please. The children are making memories.”  Or something like that.

2 thoughts on “making memories

  1. My dining room looked much like this for several years. Now that my children are 19, 17, and 13….I have my dining room back….with plenty of pictures of those dining room table-less memories!! Enjoy!!

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