5 things that will definitely happen on an 18-hour road trip with 2 littles

I know I keep talking about it .. but there are things you can guarantee will happen on a long road trip. Especially when traveling with littles.

1 – No matter how clean and vacuumed and shiny your car is when you leave, it will not be clean or vacuumed or shiny when you arrive. It just won’t.

In fact, if you bring popcorn, one of the carseats might be filled to the point of utter discomfort for your little guy. Especially if he dumps the bag on his head.

2 – No matter how clean your hotel room is when you arrive at 7 pm, it will not be when you leave at 7 am.

It just won’t.

3 – One of your littles will eat too much right before you turn onto the only windy road on the trip and will end up throwing it all up. Ew.

NOTE: This may or may not cause your 3-year-old to follow suit. I hope your little isn’t sensitive to other’s nausea like mine is. I’m thankful to be staying at my mom’s so we can wash the liners today.

4 – You’ll realize at some point when it’s too late to turn back that you forgot THE ONE THING that your toddler needs (like the necklace for her Bunny). And there will be a meltdown.

Hopefully it’ll be in your car and not at the rest stop. But if it is at the rest stop, there will be another mom there who will give you a kind and knowing glance, reminding you that you’re not alone.

5 – Thirty minutes before you get to Grammi and PopPop’s (17.5 hours into your 18 hour drive) your toddler will finally fall asleep.


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