this post is more for me than you

Thanks to Pinterest and reading way too many blogs, I am occasionally overcome with boring mom guilt.

As sweet as this T.V. watching face is, we have those days when I feel like my kids have watched one too many cartoons…. just keeping it real.

So while attempting to make sense of the 10,000 picture madness on my computer this weekend, I came across a few that reminded me I’m not a terrible mom… we do fun stuff!









Chances are you could look back through your old photos and realize you’re kids have it pretty good, too!

8 thoughts on “this post is more for me than you

    1. Lauren… I find it’s better for me too when we don’t have boring days… Momma can get a little stir crazy! And speaking of cute kids… Have you seen your little one lately? Talk about a perfect mix of mom and dad 🙂

  1. I agree. As moms we are way too hard on ourselves. I remember seeing some photos of me and my brother in matching hand-sewn outfits my mom made for us and thinking “I’m a terrible mom. I don’t sew.” Thankfully, I realize how ludicrous that statement is! Love, fun, discipline, and security are the ingredients.

  2. So true! I am guilty of “boring mom” days for the exact same reasons. Having a blog is a lot of work and takes a big time commitment. My daughter had a snow day today so she’s in the family room right now, watching a movie. I feel guilty that I am working on my blog and making blog connections, but that guilt will also inspire me to make homemade cookies with her when the movie ends. Is that good enough? I always wonder…mom guilt strikes again! We are hard on ourselves. I think the key is in balancing it as much as we are able.

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