$300 worth of stuff for 20 bucks

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I have a blog, I read YoungHouseLove daily, and I’m a regular at a few of our local second hand shops.

So this just made sense.


The truth is I’ve never actually heard of Macklemore or their new song Thrift Shop, but I still wanted to join in.

In short, the goal was to take $20 and see what you could score second hand.  I happen to think I did pretty darn good.

But before we got started I was supposed to snap a cute picture like this of Sherry’s holding her $20 dollar bill.


But come on people… it was me and my two littles and who the heck was going to take my picture?  Just envision freezing temperatures, a little one on my hip and a slightly bigger one begging to get a toy.

But I did find some pretty awesome stuff.

First up… a basically brand new Canon printer scored for $3 dollars.  This was actually at a yard sale before I hit up the thrift store.  The woman selling it claimed the lady who donated it was just a wealthy woman needing to declutter.  I googled it before I grabbed it, and turns out it’s a $200 printer!  Score!  It was especially needed since our current printer has quarters all jammed in it.  Thanks Elijah!


This “yard sale” was on the MSU campus, and we had to walk FOREVER to find it.  And then I had to walk FOREVER back with the heavy printer on one hip and the 26 pounder on the other hip.  It wasn’t pretty.

$3 dollars down… $17 more to go.

Once we made it to the thrift store, we had to look at the toys first but I ended up scoring ten gorgeous gold chargers.  They were originally from Pier 1 and most still had the original $8 stickers on the bottom.  I scored them for $1.50 a piece.  Picture doesn’t do these things any justice… they are in perfect shape!


I think they are pretty awesome.  Now I just need to cook a fancy meal and invite friends over!  Jeanne??

Two dollars left and we ended up with a $.69 Buzz Lightyear toy for Elijah that he’s been playing with ever since.  Money well spent.

And these little clothes down here… we’ve had them for a while.  But I scored them all for either a quarter or two a while back…. along with most of the other clothes in my boys; closet.  I highly recommend shopping second hand for your little ones!


I know Jeanne has discovered some great finds before.. what about you guys?  Anyone else there love seeing what fun things you might find?


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