30 minutes of prep for 5 minutes of play

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Unlike his mama, my 3 year old really loves playing in the snow.  I’m so thankful he has embraced Montana weather!!

David, on the other hand,  is at an awkward stage for this.  At 15 months he is big enough to see that Elijah is having fun out there, but just not big enough to play out there for long himself.  So the other day I bundled him up for the first time and brought him outside to play in the snow with Elijah.  In a nutshell, this is how it went.


I know people who live in cold climates always talk about how it takes forever to get the kids ready to play in the snow.  It really does take.. FOREVER.  Geez!

Even though the process still takes forever, having good gear helps so much.  To me, boots and gloves are most important!  I found Sorel snow boots second hand, but didn’t have the same luck with gloves.  The past few years I have made Elijah makeshift gloves like this with wool socks, plastic bags and tape…


They did the job, but weren’t practical.  So I splurged (as in shelling out $70 for 2 pairs), but it has been so worth it.  Elijah has Hestra mittens and David has a pair of Stonz (these are the BEST for little ones!).  As much as I love a bargain, investing in the right snow gear makes like easier for everyone.

And not only do you have to worry abut gloves.  There’s the undergarments.  The wool socks.  The layers.  The sweatshirts.  The snow bibs.  Then the coats.  The hats.  The boots.  TIMES 2!  Then I had to think about putting something halfway warm on myself.  The process literally took 30 minutes.

So out we went.  Elijah was good for almost an hour, but David lasted a whopping 5 minutes!  Good thing they are worth it 🙂


Camera (and snow gear) adds ten pounds!



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