3 simple things

Of all the blogs I love,  Young House Love and Bower Power Blog are up on the list.  Those ladies, along with Megan and Michelle, are hosting another Pinterest Challenge!


It’s basically just an idea to get people to stop just pinning 1,000 times a day, and actually start doing some of the things they pin.  Like all the rest of ya, I love Pinterest so I jumped on board.

If I were dreaming big, I would have attempted something like the desk Jeanne built a few weeks ago or devised a plan for the built in shelves I’m itching to get going in our bedroom.

But after thinking for a few days on what I’d like to actually accomplish, I realized I love the little things just the same.  So I decided to tackle a few smaller projects rather than one biggie.

First up…

Earlier this week on 7th House on the Left, Ashley turned their medicine cabinet into something completely functional and not such an eye sore.  I think she did a fantastic job, but how can anything look bad in that kitchen.


Since our medicine cabinet was in bad shape, it was a good idea to give it a makeover.  It was basically a catch-all housing a bunch of stuff we barely use.

My goal was to make it clean and functional.  I figure we didn’t need to look at the 90% of stuff we use 10% of the time.

I grabbed 2 good looking baskets at Target (on sale for $10 each) and got going.  I love baskets about as much as I love glass jars, and in my perfect world I’d have an unlimited basket budget.  Anyone else?

First I threw out all the things we don’t use, and then I sorted our stuff into “natural stuff” and “over the counter”.  Happy to report that our “natural stuff” container is much more full that the other!

Then I adjusted the shelves to make room for the baskets, leaving a perfectly sized space right in between for the things we use most often.


After I finished this 15 minute project I was again reminded it’s all about the little things.

Next up…

February is generally the time of year to get started planting seeds, so of course Pinterest is overflowing with seed planting inspiration like this from Country Living.


A few weeks ago I started on peppers, but I needed to do more!

untitled (1 of 1)-36 The past 3 years I’ve been bad about labeling my seeds (I don’t recommend this!), so I made sure to do it this time!

And last but not least…

I made a ruler!  I’ve seen this idea so many times on Pinterest, and it seemed easy enough. My inspiration was this one sold on Dear Lillie.


My boys are growing way too fast, and I love the idea of having a growth chart we can take with us in a move.

I didn’t have much of a plan in making it.  I just had my board cut to size at Home Depot and then got myself a ruler and ran with it.  I’m so happy with how it turned out!


I’m sure most others who participated in this Pinterest Challenge created something much more awesome like Katie did.  But as for me… I kept it simple and that’s alright with me!


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