26 minute time-out

This week has been stressful.

News of a local kidnapping.  News of marriages falling apart.  The house is a perpetual mess.  The baby absolutely does not sleep through the night.  His gums are swollen with teeth, and he’s been pretty cranky. It would take 2 hands to count how many times that sweet face woke up last night.

I wouldn’t say I have been handling this week well.  I’ve been exhausted, moody and have not given my family the attention they deserve.

So tonight after dinner, I asked for a time out.   John agreed and I sent myself to our room.  I shut the door, turned off the lights and soaked in the tub.  I had my happy drink in hand and just enjoyed the silence. There is something extra sweet about getting a little bit of down time while the kids are awake.

2 year olds get 2 minute time-outs.
3 year olds get 3 minute time-outs.
26 year olds get 26 minute time-outs. Right?

So I sat… I felt a little guilty so it was probably more like 15 minutes.  But it was oh so good.  It made the rest of the night so much better.

The next time you feel like your world is falling apart, I would suggest sending yourself to your room…

Sleep tight

**This is the happy (overpriced) drink I speak of.  It makes any day better.

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