2 camping rookies celebrating 5 years of marriage

I could have called this post: Two Love Birds Who Haven’t Camped in a Decade Celebrate Five Years of Wedded Bliss With A Short Camping Trip (Without The Kids!!) In The Bear Country Armed At Everysinglemoment With Bear Spray.  

But I didn’t want to confuse anyone. And plus that seemed like a run-on sentence and Jeanne is forever having to fix my typos.  She’s on vacation, and I wanted her to have a break.

Truth is, getting away without the kiddos hasn’t been our strongest suit, so we really needed and enjoyed this short little getaway.  And what better reason to celebrate than five years of marriage!


And although we’ve both done a lot of camping pre-marriage, it’s been a long time.  We car-camped near a trailhead where we saw tons of hikers packing in for 3-4 nights in the mountains.  It was almost embarrassing how jam packed our car was with everything you could possibly need, only to use 1/3 of it.  And I didn’t leave the tent without my bear spray.  Not even an inch.  My boys needed their parents to come home. 20130812-221529.jpg

20130812-221536.jpgWe came home amped up about life and parenting.  It’s amazing how just a short amount of time away from your little people will make you remember how absolutely awesome they are.  

The main thing we realized is how we don’t want our kids to remember their parents addicted to technology, with a phone or iPad always in their hands.  We want them to remember that THEY were what is most important.  We’re trying to be realistic in this, but also very conscience of how we spend our time.  We’ve “officially” set aside a few hours each day (when John gets home from work till the kiddos go to bed) to be completely “technology free” and really spend time as a family.

It has been WONDERFUL!

After all, these two won’t be little for long.


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